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Medillery has more than 1000 users and this is not an accident

Known to many are the very numerous freelancing websites where services rendered to users are not entirely free. In such platforms, it is only the freelancers that are rewarded, while the reward of the users lie in the value of money they exchange for services. However, a line can be drawn here to distinguish Medillery from every other freelancing websites. Our emphasis is on people. We therefore deliberately do not categorize people when apportioning rewards. For instance, our professionals get job done, users don’t have to pay, yet our professionals get paid. This is not a big deal to all of us at Medillery, because this is what we are commissioned for and committed to do. It is therefore not accidental that our users recently peaked at 1000.

It is all about our users, and we are grateful to all users for finding our platform very useful. Our vision is to continue to serve you and continue to extend the service landscape of Medillery. The community we are building is selfless and one of the paramount things we encourage our users to do is to be our flag bearers and our good ambassadors; so that others can also enjoy our freelancing service pro bono. 

Finally, we celebrate all our users and we encourage more engagement with our platform.


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