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To many, it is a simple design, but is it?

This design was made on Medillery. To many, it is a simple design, but is it? The Medillery Pundit who designed this must have acquired his designing habiliments from the one with the best sartorial prowess.

The first observable feature of this unique work is the acme of harmony. All the elements of graphics in this piece worked together, nothing superfluous! The piece maker is a peacemaker. The designer employed symmetry to strike balance especially when one considers that the letter “V” is symmetrical. Additionally, the twosome imagery of the eyes and the centralization of “vision media” further bolsters symmetry.

How about the space? Many would agree that it was not unintentional for the designer to establish a space in this design. Apart from the verisimilitude of its use as background adequately defined by the boundary of a square shape, the piece maker ensured a white background space to decipher clarity – as contained in the Typography, VISION MEDIA. If not, what else could white depicts? Perhaps a purgative memento; but still not in the presence of two eyes unknown to none what their use can be.

Although, no texture used, the Medillery Designer seemingly simulated a 3D appearance on a 2D surface; can you observe this on the giant V? Still on the V: unlike many dilettanti who cannot use scaling to create emphasis and interest, this piece maker engendered dominance by scaling up “V”. Not only that this hegemonic “V” heightens the sense of contrast, but also shows that vision is important in media, no wonder the cognomen – Vision Media.

The description of this insightful design is endless; it can only be the work of a Medillery Professional.

Thank you for reading.

Courtesy: Olamide Olaoba.

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